As a beginner sneaker artist, I would have gone one round against Ronda Rousey (running the whole time of course) if someone would’ve told me how to stop my freshly painted shoes from cracking, after I wore them down the block and back - ONCE.

I binge watched plenty of videos on YouTube, for over a year, to get the process of painting my rag-a-muffin shoes.

So, of course I googled & went down the YouTube gopher hole to find the answer to the problem.

Instead, all I found were people telling me to purchase sneaker shields that mangled my foot and a flare up of “imposter syndrome”.

Beyond that, I had other newbie questions that I needed answers to, so I could wear my shoes & take on clients, with confidence.

Am I using the right paint? Should I paint the midsoles? What kind of tape should I use?

What’s the best finisher? How do you prep your shoes? Do I HAVE to have an airbrush?

I can’t draw, should I even attempt this?


So you can imagine my hype when I cobbled all the information together I gathered from an array of experts, to paint sneakers that don’t crack or peel (no matter how long you wear them) - and look expensive AF.


So what did these Sneaker Yoda’s have to say?

That’s what you’re going to learn in this all-new, video course, Witness My Kicks.


The Magical Ingredient You Need to Add To Your Paint to Decrease Creasing in the Toe Box Area

(This was a game-changing, Hogwarts magic-type addition to my painting arsenal)

The 2-Steps That Will
Make the Difference Between Shoes That Crack

& Shoes That Last

(Once you do these 2-steps, A LOT of your worries over cracking - go out the window)

The No Holds Barred
Finisher That Reigns Supreme Amongst Professional Sneaker Artists

(This finisher is so good, if someone steps on your fresh kicks in public - you won’t even sweat it. Why? Because you know it’s scratch resistaaaaaaaaaaant!)

The Exact List of Supplies I Use for Every Custom

(Once you invest in these supplies, you’ll be set for a LONG while)

Plus other Golden goose eggs like: 

Precautions to

keep in mind

How to whiten

your midsoles

Brush painting techniques

Washing your shoes

Here’s the Curriculum In Order: 



The Shopping List


Four Precautions to Keep in Mind


Cleaning Your Shoes


Prepping Your Shoes to Be Painted


The Paint Job


The Ultimate Finisher


And here are some sexy screen shots from inside the course:

You could do what I did and stalk every sneaker artist out there, waterboarding them with questions about how to do what they do (it’s not a popular look).

Though I wouldn’t recommend it. 

I’ve embarrassed myself, and have gotten enough unread messages & emails, for the both of us.

I’ve made A LOT of mistakes when I first started painting sneakers.

And the answer to those mistakes are what I’m going to share with you in this follow along, video course. 

You’ll be getting the behind-the-scenes view of how I approach all my sneaker painting commissions!

And with these foundational techniques under your belt you’ll be able to put your stamp on your kicks, give them YOUR flavor, and separate yourself from the “Sea of Sameness” - in no time.

$37 USD

Witness My Kicks


  • 25+ minutes of video, broken up into 6 lessons

  • 1 downloadable shopping list

  • Bonus material that I’ll add on, as you send me questions


This is #TheSnapperSociety

A Few Questions, Boo?

  • Do I need to know how to draw to do this?
    I can't draw a stick man straight. So that's a hard "no". You don't need to know how to draw to take this course.


  • Is this course for people who paint on Converse, Suede, or Vans?
    For now, it's not. This course is strictly for leather shoes like Nike, Reebok, and Adidas.


  • Do I need to buy new shoes to take this course?
    Nope. In fact, I'd encourage you to transform USED shoes you pruchase from a thrift store, eBay, Mercari, or elsewhere. In this course, that's actually my start point.